Chemo Roller Coaster

The cheesecloth represents my surgery at the start of my treatment.

Surrounded by gold, it represents moving forward with the 2-chemo drugs I received, the ‘gold standard’ for my ovarian cancer.

The 12 coloured elastic bands represent the Intravenous (IV) tubes for each cycle of chemo. I had 2 rounds; each round consisted of 6 cycles. The painted drywall patches represent the dressing over the IV tube placement. The molding paste represents the roller coaster of chemo, from crappy days and swings of emotion due to the chemo that overwhelms your body, as well as the drugs you take to prevent nausea and each medication you take to prevent reactions from another medication.

The colours represent both myself as a person and the colours I am consistently drawn to when painting in acrylic or watercolours, as well as the many emotions throughout my treatment.

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