Forest For The Trees

I was diagnosed with Triple Negative, a rare breast cancer. After successful tumour removal, I felt lucky. However, on the first day of my chemotherapy treatment, both my mother and my mother-in-law were hospitalized for heart failure/attack respectively. Thus began a myriad of exhausting emotional and physical challenges for our extended family. While undergoing months of aggressive chemotherapy, I hid my condition from my mom because of her frailty. During that time, I felt unable to see “the forest for the trees” because of the significant energy spent daily caring for myself and my mother. This painting represents the negative and positive aspects of my experiences: the overwhelming pressure of the health crisis, like tangled thorny branches that we had to push through, and, now, the path to insight in recognizing the beauty of the larger context. Now, I can see the love and strength that surrounded us and find peace in simple things, like a walk through the woods or the breeze blowing over the trees. 

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