In the Dance

Push Back The Night – Look For The Light

A rare cancerous tumour – Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans – lays in the dark. Silent. Growing. A sick party. Twelve days since diagnosis. “CANCER” my mind screams. I scream back. “This is it? Am I to die with this? Like this?” Black. Everything is black. It is darkest before the dawn. Yet, creation explodes around me. Listen. Watch. Turn to the music. The light shines. Past the trees. Over the mountains. Up to the rising moon. I look for the dawn. Whatever happens between now and the abyss. Surgery. Chemotherapy. Drugs. I choose LIGHT over dark. Good beyond pain. Healing on the far side of sickness. Every moment. Seeking the light. I’m in the dance. Choosing life.

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