Mournful Metamorphosis

My cancer journey began with the passing of my beloved mom eight years ago. My step dad mourned deeply for her and six years later began his cancer journey. I accompanied him to appointments when I was able and also spent his final days caring for him. His wish was to be able to pass at home and I tried very hard to have that happen. Disease progression led to mental incapacity and unsteadiness, which putt his safety at risk. It was painfully apparent that we would not be able to continue to care for him at home. Tears filled my eyes as I followed the ambulance transporting him to hospice. He was at times angry with me for the decision but in his heart he trusted me and knew it was the right one. Mournful metamorphosis was created while I spent hours at his bedside. Beauty and love grew in that dark place. Exhaustion took over and I wasn’t present when he took his last breath. I hope others will find peace and love in this painting. 

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