(A) No purchase is necessary to participate in the program. Lilly Oncology on Canvas Canada art submissions are open to all residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory of residence as of the date of their submission. Entrants must be individuals who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, or a family member, friend, caregiver or healthcare provider of a person diagnosed with cancer. Group submissions are permissible so long as the entrants meet the eligibility criteria detailed here. Only amateur artists are eligible to participate. For the purposes of this initiative, an amateur artist is someone whose livelihood does not depend on income obtained through art or art instruction.

(B) Employees, representatives and agents of Eli Lilly Canada Inc. (“Lilly”), the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (“CAPO”), the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (“CCSN”) —collectively known as the “Sponsors” — and their parents, affiliated or related companies, subsidiaries, divisions and all advertising, media buying and promotional agencies, and members of the immediate family of, and all persons domiciled with, any of those described above, are not eligible to participate. “Immediate family” is defined as a parent, sibling, child or spouse, regardless of where they reside.

(C) Individuals employed by or affiliated with organizations having policies against participation in industry-sponsored programs are asked to refrain from participating.

Please see “Additional Rules and Regulations” for more information.


Step 1: Create Your Original Artwork

(A) Create an original artwork* that depicts your cancer journey in one of the following media: painting (watercolour, oil, acrylic) plus pastel, photography or mixed media (a combination of two or more media). *Note: To learn more about what constitutes an “original artwork,” please refer to “Artwork Originality”.

(B) Please do not include brand or product names, trade-marks or logos in your artwork.

(C) If the artwork is a photograph of or shows the recognizable likeness of any person(s), by submitting the artwork, you warrant that any such person(s) (or his/her parent or legal guardian, if the person is under the age of majority), has given permission for this creative work to be entered and used as described in the Official Rules and Regulations.*
*Note:  For further information, please refer to “Use of Personal Information”.

(D) Your submission must be a flat, two-dimensional artwork that adheres to size requirements—at least 9 inches x 12 inches and no more than 18 inches x 24 inches.  Any artwork that does not conform to these size requirements will be disqualified.

(E) Select a title for your artwork and write it on the reverse side—not the front side—of your entry.

(F) For your privacy, you may choose to, or choose not to, include your name on the front of your artwork. Please DO NOT include your address or any other personal information on the artwork (front or back). Please note that if you decide to include your name on your artwork, your name will appear with your submission online. Each piece of art will be assigned a distinct code number by the art collection director to identify it.

(G) Your artwork must be submitted in the medium in which it was initially created (e.g., paint on canvas, watercolor, etc.). Reproductions of original artwork are ineligible.

(H) Limit one (1) entry per person or group of persons. Each entry must be a single work of art.

Step 2: Create Your Narrative

  • A written narrative must be included with your art submission. Create an original narrative that:
    • Describes the cancer journey depicted in your artwork.
    • Is no longer than 125 words. Narratives longer than 125 words will be edited.
    • Is typed in English or French. However, narratives that are neatly handwritten will be accepted.
    • Contains the title of your artwork.
  • Narratives should not contain any of the following:
      Personal information, such as full names; first names are acceptable.
  • Names of specific medicines; the terms “drug,” “medicine,” “treatment” or “therapy” are acceptable.
  • Names of specific healthcare facilities or healthcare providers; terms such as “hospital,” “doctor” and “nurse” are acceptable.

Step 3: Complete Your Submission Form

  • Please complete all sections of the Submission Form. Include this form with your artwork and narrative.

Step 4: Pack and Ship Your Artwork and Narrative

  • Do not frame or mount your artwork, or place it beneath glass.
  • If submitting an oil painting, it is recommended that you paint it on a flat surface such as a stretched canvas, canvas panel or pad, or canvas on a wooden backboard.  Ensure that it is completely dry prior to shipping.
  • If submitting a pastel painting, spray it with a fixative so that it does not smear or smudge.
  • To protect your artwork during shipping, please follow these steps:
    1. Wrap your artwork with paper and place it in plastic sheeting or a plastic bag and then place it between two pieces of rigid cardboard.
    2. Place your narrative and submission form in an envelope.
    3. Insert these items into a bubble-wrapped or padded envelope, or a shipping box.
    4. Free shipping may be arranged through the Art Collection Director at:
      Art Collection Manager
      Lilly Oncology On Canvas Canada
      Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
      3650 Danforth Avenue
      Toronto, Ontario M1N 2E8
      Telephone: 1-888-545-5972
    5. A Purolator or a local courier service will pick up your art submission at a location in Canada of your preference.
    6. Shipping postage costs will be covered by Lilly Oncology On Canvas Canada
    7. Contact the Art Collection Director to make arrangements for your shipment.
    8. Lilly, the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncologists and the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network are not responsible for lost, incomplete, illegible, damaged, misdirected or postage-due mail. You assume full responsibility for properly packing of the entry, as well as for any damage incurred to the artwork in transit.